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Our Ministries

Listed below are details of the many groups active within the parishes of St Michael’s Mittagong and St Thomas Aquinas Bowral. If you would like to participate or receive help or support please contact us through the Parish Office.




Liturgy Co-ordination, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion *, Adult Servers, Altar Servers (junior and adult), Greeters, Readers, Musicians, Cantors, Choir, Children's Liturgy *


The choir provide music for the 9am Sunday Service on the first Sunday of the month and for the many holy celebrations conducted at St Thomas Acquinas Bowral during Easter and Christmas seasons. The choir meets every Tuesday evening at St Thomas Aquinas Church at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome.

Children's Liturgy is for school age children (infant and primary) and is held during Masses conducted at St Michael's Mittagong Saturday's 5.30pm and St Thomas Aquinas Sunday 9am services during the school terms.




Home / Hospital Communion *, Sick and Aged Care Support, Hospitality Team (refer below).


If you or anyone you know needs transport to get to Mass, or someone who is sick and would like to receive Holy Communion at home or would like someone from the Parish Care team to visit them please contact Kate at the Parish Office.



Religious Education


Lenten and Advent Reflection Days

Formation Days

Catechists * – Provide Special Religious Education to students attending Bowral, Mittagong, Colo Vale Primary and Hill Top Primary Schools.


Catholic Instruction and Enrichment

Fr Sean facilitates a programme of instructions which will go through what we believe as Catholics in a group format.  If you are interested in attending or know someone who maybe interested in knowing more please as then and register through the Parish Office or please email the office (refer contact page) using the following in the Subject Line "Catholic Instruction  / Enrichment- Enquiry"


Practical Service


Church Flower Arrangers and Cleaners, Brass Cleaning, Care of Alter Linen, Money Collectors and Counters


Parish Pastoral Council *


The Parish Pastoral Council’s role is to promote the Church’s mission to live and communicate the love and values of Christ in our world. The group act as the main consultative body of the parish. The Council provides advice concerning the spiritual and pastoral direction of the parish and does not deal with material or financial matters.


Members of the Council (10) share with Father Sean the responsibility for the ongoing life and development of the faith community. Working together with parishioners the Council provides support to the community to live as followers of Jesus Christ.

If you wish to raise a matter with the Council please email the office (refer contact page) using the following in the Subject Line "Parish Council - Enquiry / Matter for Consideration".


Finance Committee


The finance committee has the challenging task of managing parish finances to facilitate the provision of pastoral care to the parishioners of St Michael's and St Thomas Aquinas. This task requires "out of the box" thinking as the traditional form of contribution is fast changing.  The parish community will be informed and consulted about any initiative the Finance Committee and Parish Council propose.

NB: Planned Giving Progamme: This programme enables the Parish to  budget like any household.  Supporting the Parish financially will ensure the Parish can undertake both general maintenance and major  projects without incurring too much debt.  Thank you to all who currently contribute to the Parish through the Planned Giving.  If you would like to join through direct debit (a very convenient option) please take home a form from the back of the Church and either put it onto the collection plate next weekend or drop into the Parish Office.


Hospitality Committee


The Hospitality Committee has the responsibility for welcoming and receiving
new members of the St Michael's and St Thomas Aquinas community, visitors to the Parishes as well as your current church members.


If you are interested in being part of this important direction please come along to a meeting.  If you have an enquiry please email the office using the contact page including 'Enquiry - Hospitality Committee' in the subject line. 







* Police checks and training required













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