25th Sunday in Ordinary Time    Year A

Isaiah 55:6-9

We may be expected to uphold the high standards of the Kingdom of God.  However, when we fail, God is ready to forgive us and help us to come back into His good graces and with all of humanity.


Philippians 20c-24, 27

Paul always placed his faith in God.  He looked beyond the limitations of his time and place and the rules and regulations imposed on the people.  He realized that God has his own way of viewing the world.


Matthew 20:1-16a

The scandal of his parable is that we are all equal recipients of God’s gifts.  The scandal of our faith is that we are often covetous and jealous when God’s gifts of forgiveness and life are given to others in equal measure.

Prayer of the Faithful

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time    Year A


For those who have lost their health through the negligence of others. We pray to the Lord.


For those who have lost their savings because of unscrupulous companies. We pray to the Lord.


For those who have suffered unjustly for wrongs they have not done. We pray to the Lord.


For those families which are torn apart by divorce and strife. We pray to the Lord.


For those who have been judged by their physical disabilities alone. We pray to the Lord.


For those neighbours who are divided by deep resentments. We pray to the Lord.





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