The Ascension of the Lord  – Year B



Acts 1:1-11


The central issue for the disciples is the restoring of the kingdom to Israel.  The vision of the kingdom was something that Jesus proclaimed and something he lived out in his ministry.  It would take time for the disciples to realize what the coming of the kingdom meant.


Ephesians 1:17-23


Paul’s prayers here reminds us that leaning to know Jesus does not happen all at once.   Rather it happens over time, perhaps over an entire lifetime.


Mark 16:15-20


Jesus wanted to have the disciples go out and spread the gospel over all the earth.  He did not give them exact instructions.  They were to learn as they went and build upon that learning and experience their entire lives.


Universal Prayers

For social programmes that help feed, clothe and educate children in poverty. Let us pray to the Lord.


For medical workers who perform daily miracles of healing among the sick and suffering. Let us pray to the Lord.


For teachers who spend their lives casting out the demons of ignorance and prejudice. Let us pray to the Lord.


For artist and musicians who transform the common things of life into things of beauty and inspiration. Let us pray to the Lord.


For parents, both with us and deceased, who have given us the foundation in life to become the people God intended us to be.  Let us pray to the Lord.


For ordinary men and women who live their lives in quiet dignity and honour. Let us pray to the Lord.

Mass Offerings

If you wish a Mass to be offered for the deceased or a special intention on a particular date, please ensure you submit the request well in advance.  Masses are offered when the next free day is available, and the Mass may not be able to be offered for a week or two.  So, for a particular date for an anniversary or other significant event (eg birthday) please plan in advance to avoid disappointment.