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The Hermitage shop offers a wide range of Crosses, religious items, journals, spiritual books and gifts. Why not pop in to have a browse? The shop is open weekdays 8.30 -4.30pm or on weekends by arrangement.

The Hermitage ~ a Place of Spirituality and Prayer

Jesus said to his disciples “Come away…and rest a while.” Mark 6: 31
In these times of change and uncertainty we are offering the following opportunities to
Nourish your Spirit by resting awhile in the presence of our loving God.

Retreat Opportunities

“We need a Church capable of walking at people’s side…
a Church which accompanies them on their journey.”
Pope Francis
The second opportunity is an individual Retreat Experience.
The length of time is your choosing eg. half-day, full-day or longer.
An individual retreat experience provides a person with time for silence, prayer and
reflection. There are three ways to experience an individual
Silent Retreat without Accompaniment: A person experiences
the retreat on their own and without input from another.
Directed Retreat: In consultation with the individual, a focus,
theme and structure is developed and facilitated by a Spiritual
Director. Accompaniment is offered within the time.
Silent Retreat with Accompaniment: An individual on retreat meets for Accompaniment
with a Spiritual Director within the retreat time for approximately one hour.
Please see the attached information regarding Spiritual Direction.
If you are interested in a Personal Retreat please contact Br Bill Sullivan at The Hermitage
Office on 48721911

Spiritual Accompaniment

I came that you may have life and have it abundantly John 10:10


Spiritual Direction is the process of ‘spiritual accompaniment’ where the spiritual director respectfully and prayerfully, listens to the life experience of another. Supporting their unique personal relationship with God and helping them deepen their awareness of where God is already present in the everyday moments of life.


The purpose of direction is to:


Assist –individuals grow in a personal relationship with God


Accompany – individuals as they respond to the yearnings of the human heart


Support – individuals as they discern the movement of God in their life


Why do people seek Spiritual Accompaniment?

There are many reasons!


Spiritual Nourishment For some it is a spiritual practice that nurtures and sustains their faith life in an ongoing way. They desire time to slow down and reflect upon their life.


Life Transitions For others it may be the need for accompaniment whilst experiencing periods of transition in life. These transitions may be painful or joyful. They desire to explore the movement of God in their life.


Discernment For some they are discerning God’s invitation which may involve change? They desire to share something of their story and deepen their selfawareness and awareness of others.

What happens in a Spiritual Accompaniment session?


In spiritual accompaniment, one usually meets with a director for about an hour.


During this time a conversation takes place. The directee shares with the director what has been happening in their life and the director’s focus and total attention is with the directee.


As the conversation unfolds the director and directee seek to discern God’s presence in the unfolding mystery of life.


Spiritual direction is not primarily problem solving or about finding definite answers to questions. Nor is it counselling or therapy or theological instruction. It is more about living gratefully and gracefully, more about sensing God’s life-giving invitations, more about recognizing, discerning and responding to God’s presence.




Suz Marden

Spiritual Director

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