Notice Board


  1. Mass Offerings - If you wish a Mass to be offered for the deceased or a special intention on a particular date, please ensure you submit the request well in advance.  Masses are offered when the next free day is available, and the Mass may not be able to be offered for a week or two.  So, for a particular date for an anniversary or other significant event (eg birthday) please plan in advance to avoid disappointment.

  2. Vocations - We sometimes put off thinking about vocation, or what God wants, instead putting our energy into other areas. God is calling; we need to prioritise our response. Pray, talk with others, find out what God wants. Please contact Fr Richard Healey, Vocations Director, on 0401 621 591 or

  3. Volunteers are being sought for the numerous parish activities (counters, the Care Group, etc). Please contact the Parish Office if you are interested in supporting your parish and it's parishioners.

  4. Please let us know if you have any professional or trade skills you would be willing to share with the parish community whether they be in teaching, writing graphics, computers, fund raising, painting, plumbing, carpentry, secretarial or any of the many talents that make our community.

  5. Please be aware that all Sacristans, Choir members, Acolytes, Childrens Liturgy Staff, Catechists, Sacramental Team and any other group who have contact with children are required to have a Working with Children Check. The check is free for volunteers.  Please contact the Parish Office for further information.

  6. The parishioners of St Michael’s and St Thomas Aquinas’ have for many years been providing generous financial support to St Therese’s Orphanage run by Carmelite sisters in Maubara, East Timor. Parishioners’ donations are a substantial share of the finances of the orphanage, including day to day running costs, repairs and maintenance, and building works. Other funds come from ATLAS and individual donors. There is also limited support from the        East Timorese government. The children and sisters depend on our ongoing financial support. The current project for which they seek funding is facilities in Fatuhada, Dili, for children who finish their primary schooling in Maubara and go on to secondary school and university in Dili.

       Please remember the children and the sisters in your prayers. If you are already a donor,                  please continue to provide support. If you would like to become a donor, there are envelopes            on the seats. All support is most gratefully received by the children and sisters.

       Donations should be marked “Maubara” and put on the plate at any Mass, or deposited directly         into the Parish account:


        Name:                                 Bowral Parish – Maubara Orphanage

       Number:                                 000460

       BSB:                                       066-711

       Reference (important to include): Your name


       If you would like more information, please contact Michael Gray on 0487 728 554.


Finance Information:


There are many ways that you can help enable the Liturgical, Sacramental, Pastoral and Charitable works of the Parish.  The best way to contribute is through the Parish Planned Giving Programme.  If you would like to join, please contact the parish office.  The generosity of our parishioners is greatly valued and acknowledged.


Parish Collections:


First Collection: Historically, from this collection each week a small amount is set aside for the housekeeping and other needs of the local priest.


In 1984 the Wollongong Clergy Remuneration Fund was established to provide a more equitable distribution of first collection funds.  So after the small amount of housekeeping is deducted, the remainder of the first collection is sent to the Clergy Remuneration Fund.


Today, this fund provides for a priest’s:


  • Monthly stipend (comparable in value to the aged pension)

  • Private health insurance; and

  • Superannuation contribution.


The fund also assists towards the financial support of priests who are on lighter duties (ill health) and who are retired.


Second Collection: Planned Giving (Envelopes and direct debit) and any loose cash donated on the second collection is banked into the parish account which is overseen by the Parish Finance Council.  The many costs of running a parish are deducted from this account.


Some of the expenses covered include:

  • Parish operating costs such as insurance, utilities, telecommunications, maintenance and repairs of the church, presbytery, buildings and church property;

  • Any loan debt servicing for parish buildings;

  • Parish pastoral programmes;

  • Parish staff wages (including superannuation);

  • Car expenses for the priest(s);

  • A Cathedraticum (contribution to the Bishop) of 10%.


At the end of each calendar year, an external auditor reviews the parish accounts.  A copy of the report is given to the Diocese, the Parish Finance Council and is available to parishioners.


Special Collections: Project Compassion Appeal during Lent; Good Friday Holy Places Collection; Propogation of the Faith (May or June) and World Mission Sunday (October), St Vincent de Paul Winter and Christmas appeals, Father’s Day Appeal (September) and Emergency Appeals.